vote charlie ryan and co. for Our wisconsin revolution State Board

Our Platform

Make Wisconsin the Most Progressive State in the Country


We will ensure that Our Wisconsin Revolution has ACTIVE chapters in all Congressional Districts and all major cities in the state.

Go to Membership


We will pursue aggressive growth of ACTIVE membership across the state through persistent targeted membership drives.

Go to Action


We will ensure that Our Wisconsin Revolution is an organization of ACTION and becomes known as the most ACTIVE progressive organization in the state of Wisconsin.

Go to Transparency


We will ensure that Our Wisconsin Revolution is an organization with TOTAL transparency regarding fundraising, decision making and operations.


We will ensure that all chapters get ACTIVE support from the State Organization while having the autonomy to pursue progressive goals that suit local needs.



Candidate for

Charlie has a VISION to ensure that Wisconsin is restored to it's roots THE MOST PROGRESSIVE STATE in the country. Charlie also has a VISION for Our Wisconsin Revolution to ensure it is known as THE MOST PROGRESSIVE and ACTIVE political organization in the state of Wisconsin. Charlie puts in 100% commitment.

  • Charlie is quickly developing a reputation for being one of the most energetic, progressive, and active members of the Common Council for the City of Verona.

  • Charlie is helping to lead the resurgence of the Dane County Chapter of Our Wisconsin Revolution as one of the most politically active and engaged chapters in the state.

  • Charlie along with a slate of like-minded Berners secured a convincing win to represent Wisconsin Congressional District 2 at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.

  • Charlie is a lead organizer for the Madison-based Wisconsin for Bernie Coalition. Charlie helped to build a state-wide network of progressive individuals and organizations to advance the fight for social, racial, economic, and environmental JUSTICE in Wisconsin.

Meet the Slate

A Truly Progressive Group of Active Leaders

Charlie Ryan

Charlie is an Alder for the City of Verona, Co-Chair of Our Wisconsin Revolution Dane, a lead organizer of Wisconsin for Bernie, and Bernie delegate to the DNC.

Krish Colón

CD 1
Founding member and former board member of OWR Kenosha and Political Science major. I have worked as an organizer for multiple candidates and organizations.

Dr Rich McGowan

CD 2
Physician at St Mary’s hospital in Madison. A leader in treating opioid addicted patients. Steering Committee Member of OWR Dane County and Wisconsin for Bernie

Michael Beardsley

CD 6
A candidate for Congress WI-06. I am interested in serving OWR’s board to fight for ideas that I am passionate about. My values align exactly with what OWR stands for.

Justice Peche

CD 8
Activist from Green Bay organizing for fair maps, indigenous rights, and climate action. Member of the Oneida Nation & pursuing a degree in political science at UWGB.

Nino Amato

UW-Platteville Adjunct Professor. I bring to OWR’s board of directors my grassroots track record in mobilizing WI college students and Wisconsin’s Aging & Disability Advocacy Network in each of our 72 counties.

James Brawn

Chief Technical Officer of Iron Forge. I believe in Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, ending for-profit prisons, the drug war, and endless wars.

Alexa Safer

Mother, student & small business owner. Advocate for climate action, voter engagement, immigration reform, cannabis legalization, worker’s rights, and racial justice.

Larissa Joanna

Activist for worker & immigrant rights. Bilingual in English and Spanish. A member of Workers Justice Wisconsin and immigrants rights group Voces de la Frontera.